We’d love you to help grow the peace building movement by donating a brick for our peace wall (see below). Your donation will enable us to develop our peaceful schools work and the creation of an inspirational and unique Peace Museum and Education Centre in East London.

If you’d like to buy a brick in your own name, the name of your peace hero/heroine or in memory of a loved one, please contact  anna@thepeacebuilding.org.uk  or simply complete the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to process your donation.

Vicki Nice
Paul Gale
Colin Brooks
Gillian Egan
Helen Butler
John Smith
George Watley
Simone Tyler
Clare Humphrey
Paul Shanley
Bob Jones
Esther Smith
Maria Flint
Maggie Edwards
Sean Locke
Jack Wilshere
Sally Turner
Irene Guindi
Joanne Gale
M Abaida
Andre N
Camille McFarlane
Debbie Katz
Rosemary Luz
John Clarke
Richard Tidmarsh
Marianne Zeck
Jacqui Daukes
Ann Cooke
Rev Jitei White
Louise Bruyn
R Steinkraus Cohen
Veronica Ward
Bertha von Suttner
Jan Bloch
Rosika Schwimmer