Our vision is a world at peace. Our mission is to bolster public education and awareness 
of all aspects of peace and peace movements (past and present); through the
 establishment of a peace museum and education centre in London.

Our goals & objectives

  1. By 2030 we will have a world class peace museum and education centre in London;
  2. Visitor numbers will be comparable to other top London attractions (with up to 100,000 visitors a year);
  3. Our in-reach and outreach school programmes will be better recognised for their innovation and effectiveness;
  4. Peace will become more attractive than war – with the grim realities of violence emphasised, and the path to
 peaceful resolution expounded;
  5. The centre will have a major impact on the reduction of bullying, domestic and street violence, as well as
 other forms of conflict. And, ultimately, it will deliver a future generation of peace builders; equipped to transform our world.