Our plans for peace collections

  1. The Trustees are responsible for the governance of The Peace Building, both currently and once it has a physical presence. We are set to appoint a CEO and other staff members, including a Curator – ensuring that all members of the team have the right experience and qualifications to help run The Peace Building at the professional standards expected from a prestigious landmark;
  2. The Trustees will be responsible for the development of an acquisitions policy, setting a budget for acquisitions, and ensuring that our policies and procedures are in line with museum best practice;
  3. Before we open, we will employ a Curator with the necessary specialist knowledge, skills and experience to set up systems for the proper management of our collections;
  4. Collections management will encompass the acquisition, recording, insurance, care and maintenance, display and safe storage of items and artefacts (including digital materials) that come from peace-related activities – primarily in the UK, but also from abroad;
  5. We anticipate that many items will be loaned to us (both short term and long term) and in some instances simply given to the Peace Building. All of these items will form part of our collections, and will be treated and cared for, in the same way as those items we own;
  6. The Peace Building has already joined the Association of Independent Museums and, in due course, will seek accreditation with the Arts Council.